Hair Removal

Microscope Electrolysis (Microtrolysis) – Advanced technology

  • The results are 2 times, 3 times, and even 4 times quicker than regular electrolysis
  • Fewer skin reactions
  • Greater comfort during the treatments
  • The difference in vision between the magnifying glass and the microscope is incomparable, which allows a very high accuracy

Apilus xCell sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal by raising the efficiency, speed and comfort of its predecessors to a whole new level. Patented and exclusive technology. Sophisticated design with personalized treatment programs and the unique 27.12 MHz radio frequency.


  • 15 Min                           $35
  • 30 Min                           $50
  • 45 Min                           $65
  • 60 Min                           $85


SHR Super Hair Removal – The revolution in permanent hair removal

SHR technology only targets melanin peripherally. Its primary target are the stem cells that produce new hair. SHR operates with low fluence but high optical power and multiple pulses at a rapid repetition rate of 10 Hz. This new technology allows for treatment in motion, i.e., we glide over the treatment area with the headpiece, and the treatment area is heated while sapphire contact cooling protects the epidermis (skin).


  • Starting from $150 after consultation