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If you have skin issues or desire permanent hair removal, our microtrolysis service is at your disposal with the best equipment.
The ultimate solution to eliminate unwanted hair

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How to Achieve
Permanent Hair Removal?

Microtrolysis (use of a microscope for better vision), also called Micro-Electrolysis, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a very fine electrical current to target and eliminate the cells responsible for the growth of unwanted hair, as well as to treat other skin anomalies.

Unlike traditional hair removal methods, microtrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution.

Permanent Hair Removal
Microtrolysis Price

  • 15 min 40 $
  • 30 min 55 $
  • 45 min 80 $
  • 60 min 100 $

Electrolysis with a Microscope (Microtrolysis)

  • Advanced technology
  • Results 2 times, 3 times, and even 4 times faster than regular electrolysis
  • Fewer skin reactions
  • Greater comfort during treatments
The difference in vision between a magnifying glass and a microscope is incomparable, allowing for very high precision. The Apilus xCell sets a new standard in the field of 100% permanent hair removal by raising the levels of efficiency, speed, and comfort of its predecessors. Exclusive and patented techniques. A sophisticated design with a touch screen, personalized treatment programs, and the unique 27.12 MHz frequency.

Benefits of Microtrolysis in Definitive Hair Removal

At Alliance Pro MB, we recommend this method to people dissatisfied with temporary, permanent reduction methods and people who have already completed laser treatment.

With our microtrolysis service, you will be completely satisfied, as you will achieve:

  • Definitive hair removal suitable for all skin types and hair colors
  • Safety and precision thanks to the targeted approach offered by microtrolysis
  • Long-lasting and visible results
Enjoy definitive hair removal

Effective Hair Removal:
Electrolysis vs. Microtrolysis

These procedures are similar. Electrolysis uses a magnifying glass, while microtrolysis uses a microscope. This allows for very high precision work and better vision. Therefore, the insertion is more precise and effective, thus, less painful.

How Does Microtrolysis Work?

The microtrolysis process involves the use of a microscope with better vision to achieve better insertion when inserting the ultrafine filament into the hair follicle or skin lesion. Then, an electrical current is applied, destroying the target without damaging the surrounding tissues. This method requires several sessions to achieve optimal results, with each treatment personalized according to the specific needs of the patient based on their skin tone and hair thickness.

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